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What's this site all about?
At the moment, not much other than this FAQ and some placeholders for one of my emails (it usually works, but not always) and my second attempt at blogging. There are also some spare articles and other material I've linked to from other places. All these questions have ACTUALLY been asked in one way or another.
Are you the same febo@delenda.net writing on Usenet ?
Who the hell are you ?
An italian guy writing Usenet posts, for your information.
Are you a ferocious jew-hating antisemitic nazi Stormtrooper ?
Actually no, I vote usually left-of-center here in Italy, though my rather unsympathetic political views on Israel and my critical view of Judaism in general often provoke similar reactions.
Are you some kind of neo-pagan cult follower ?
Oh, please. Get real, you're more intelligent than that.
Then why did you chose delenda.net as your domain ?
It sounds good, it's been the only written statement on this site for years.
Are you kidding me?
No, that's the reason why I chose to keep the domain, many many years ago. The domain was originally registered by some then colleagues of mine. Their project was to start a 'virtual city' website, much like Geocities. They couldn't find a suitable name, hence the ironic "delenda", from the well-know latin quotation "Carthago delenda est". Carthago was once a punic capital, you know. The project, ša va sans dire, failed before starting, but I re-registered the domain because I liked the way it sounded. Also, "delenda" is a gerundive meaning "things to be destroyed or deleted". I sometimes have a nihilistic attidude, so I found the name even more suitable. It's not that I want to express the will to destroy some particular town in North Africa, be reassured and have a cold shower.
Have you anything to do with my old bbs/site/whatever called Delenda
No I don't. Though I remember an old Fidonet node named like that, but I had nothing to do with that either!
Why are these FAQs written in English, while your homepage links are written in Latin
Because I want everybody to understand these FAQs and because I am not as fluent in Latin as I am in English (not necessarily in this order)
Who are the two naked guys on your homepage ?
They are not completely naked, you prudish puritan. They are a modern depiction of Apollo and Dyonisus, two ancient greek gods.
Ha! I knew it! One of the aliases of Apollo is Phoebus
Yes it is, but I didn't chose my usenet nickname because of that. That's another story.
Now answer my question or you'll be standing tall before the man !
I think I was trying to suggest something about the duality of man, sir.
The what?
The duality of man. The Jungian thing, sir.
Whose side are you on, son?
Our side, sir.